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Naresh Kumar
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And NO - this is not another plugin for Wordpress…
complete opposite

Have you ever tried to create a website with Wordpress...?It should be super easy, right?

But it is not…

Sure, you can upload WP on your server with one click install…
but when you add more plugins…

Plugins are great but they are not created to work smoothly together…

It is very probably it will crash sooner than you think…

If this happens...

Try to fix it on your own...

or you will be forced to hire a Developer and pay him a

It is even worse…

Every update of every plugin can create a conflict.

And there is no way to protect you from it.

How are you going to run your online business if you are not able to make
your website work?

Too much stuff on one WP site will seriously slow it down…
It happened to me not long ago.
I had a few websites on WP.
I used multiple plugins to have all the features I needed.
Last WordPress update made most of my plugins freak out…
It was horrible.
My fancy plugins just refused to work…
I was unable to fix it.
I am not a techie guy and I do not want to spend the whole week trying to figure out how to make multiple plugins work at the same time…
So I tried to get help from plugin creators…
I sent email to support…
I had to wait several days…

Finally!!! I got my answer:

“Hi, We recommend waiting 2-4 weeks after a major Wordpress update to allow developers to update their themes and plugins”.

“There is a conflict of plugins…”

I also got something like this:

Please ask your host to have your memory levels set as here and ensure they have you set up with PHP 5.5: #Change upload limits file_uploads = On post_max_size = 128M upload_max_filesize = 128M memory_limit = 512M max_execution_time 600 #Change upload limits end Most important part is memory_limit = 512M, they can set it to higher to resolve your issue. In the case of the upload max file size, this ensures that we can upload things like XXXXXX with no issue. The max execution time simply means that any operations that a plugin or theme is doing will not timeout. Memory simply refers to the amount of data that can be processed. Your host can make these changes, typically through cPanel, using a file called php.ini. You may also want your host to increase the memory available to Wordpress….

Man… It could be in greek…

I had no idea what they are talking to me…
I hate it.
I need something that is easy to use and works all the time.
I need to have a support that is REALLY ready to help me fix any problem ASAP!

So I decided to partner with the best company
from Upwork RND Experts

Here is a testimonial from a REAL Rock Star,
Charles Kirkland, founder of Media Buyer Association

They showed me software that they were working on for nearly 2 years.
Frankly speaking I was blown away…
My name is Michael Witkowski
And on behalf on my partners and myself,
I want to present you...
Simple, clean and super easy to use

Page Builder that allows anyone to create awesome
looking authority websites in 17 seconds.

Page Builder that allows you to create guru style landing pages,
squeeze pages, sales pages and much more…

All done with pre-made for you high converting templates
that during our testing convert at 61% and even 72%
(depending on traffic source)

With all the necessary pages like Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, Disclaimer.

What You Can Create With Our Cool Software?
The Whole Authority Website For Your Business or Niche Blog Website that looks truly amazing, and clean in just one click. Guru Style Landing Pages (Squeeze Pages, Opt-in Pages) that convert like crazy. We have tested it with paid traffic and some of them convert at 62%, even 71% - (depends on quality of traffic!) Website that is Google and Facebook compliant (Privacy Policy, TOS and Disclaimer Pre-done for you) - so you can start sending traffic in No-Time!
Sales Pages that bring sales Thank You Pages that build trust and deliver your message Complete Sales Funnels that allow you to increase sales You have THE BEST LIVE SUPPORT EVER - so you will NEVER be allone again trying to fix your website!
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15 Reasons Why Click2Sales Is The #1 Website,
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1. It is super easy to use and very effective "Super Easy To Use” Interface gives you quick and easy access to everything you need to design and build authority websites and high converting pages for your sales funnels. Designed with busy Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs in mind. Tight controls, easy navigation, and UI design built for faster results and easier workflow. Produce better pages, faster.
2. You can have AWESOME looking authority websites deployed in 17 seconds Just edit your text and you are ready to conquer the Internet! Create stunning designs without having to know a single thing about coding. Fully drag-and-drop system that converts everything you may need.
3. Nothing To Install We're web-based which means there is nothing to install, configure or update. Just create without the hassle. It mean you can start right away and have your website or page online in NO TIME!
4. 24/7 Support Free Support. We will provide you ongoing support not only for all your technical enquires but we will help you with design and all other items you may need a hand with. We have a full team of highly motivated people who are experienced at helping our wonderful clients
5. Fast Implementation Log into your secure dashboard, and point and click your way to an attention grabbing, high converting page.
6. All Pages Created Are Mobile Responsive! The pages you create will look AWESOME on iPhones, tablets, and more… and you do not have to do anything! You can even work on our page builder on your desktop or your tablet… No problem!
7. We have MANY great looking templates So you can start with one of them or create your own from scratch in just a few minutes. It is totally up to you. Choose from over 80 pre-built templates to quickly and easily create high converting, beautifully designed: Authority Websites, Squeeze Pages, Mini-Squeeze Pages, Video Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Pages, Launch Pages, Webinar Pages, Thank You Pages, Download Pages, Upsell Pages, Coming Soon Pages, and more... Produce better pages, faster.
8. Host With Us Or On Your Server! It’s Totally Up To You :) You can create a page and have it online in no time hosted by us You can test different versions - split test all elements and then move your best converting pages to your own server With a simple FTP connection you can deploy all websites and all pages to your server just to have everything under your control.
9. One-click website restore in case there is any issue with your original files. We will save all your files for you in a safe place. So if you need them in any situation - you can retrieve them with one simple click of the button.
10. Advanced System That Protects Your Login, Website And All Content. You can set up our unique double authentication system that will protect your site from being hacked. We take security very seriously. Your files are held under our security protection so you will feel assured that everything is protected and SAFE!
11. You Get To Make It Just How You Want It. Access a wide range and variety of customizable design and function elements such as: Text, Images, Videos, Buttons, Boxes, Columns, Tabbed content, Navigation, Date Stamps, Facebook comments, Script editing, Pre-made backgrounds, And much, much more. With Click2Sales you get total and complete control over every facet of the design and function of your pages… You won't believe how much control and variety you will achieve... and that's just from the pre-built templates…
12. You Have Full Control Over Every Word (Text Formatting) 100% control over font and typography selections, design, and placement No need for HTML or CSS coding knowledge… Our font and typography engine does it all for you "Steal" from our built-in font and typography elements such as: in-line control, textblock control, textile control, font weight control, configuration control, drop caps control, highlighting control And much, much more
13. Powerful And Innovative Marketing Technology (2-Step-Opt-In) The 7 Figure Marketer's "Secret Sauce". Proven to convert BETTER than traditional list building methods Easy one-click integration with your pages means you can boost conversions in just ONE-CLICK of your mouse. Get more leads, faster, and easier by cashing in on the latest in list building trends and technology
14. Go Ahead And Test New Wave With Our Modern Solutions (3-Step Opt-in Technology) Be the first to utilize this emerging list building technology. Employed by some of the largest companies in the world to build mega-sized lists... now yours with just ONE-CLICK. Perfect for the serious marketer who wants bigger, better results without having to hire an entire tech team to make it happen.
15. Graphics Packs Ready To Go
(Built-in Marketing Graphics)
You can set up our unique double authentication system that will protect your site from being hacked. We are taking security very serious. Your files are held under our protection so you can be sure that it is really SAFE! With a simple FTP connection you can deploy all websites and all pages to your server just to have everything under your control.
Is There A Guarantee?

Of course. :) We allow you to test Click2Sales for 30 days with a 100% money back guarantee.

We guarantee that you'll LOVE Click2Sales and if for any reason you decide later that you don't want to be a member any longer, then we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees.

We do not believe in any long-term contracts so you can come and go as you please.

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  • Install on 1 Website that you own
  • One Year Support and Update
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Click2Sales a monthly recurring service to use the system?

With Click2Sales, there are no monthly commitments. Your investment is a one-time fee and you can use it for as long as your website stands!

Do you provide customer support for Click2Sales?

Absolutely! We have technical support and design support. Our team is available if you need any help with using Click2Sales. So you will never be ablone with any issues.

What about updates?

Your purchase includes 1 year of support and updates.

What are the requirements to using Click2Sales?

ZERO. You can start asap with our hosting or if you want to host your website on your server - you can simply connect your server and all pages will be uploaded to your server in no time.